A Review Of scientology beliefs rules

No doubt you can find benevolent aspects of Scientology. And these factors are superior. It’s in all probability why it's got lasted so prolonged.

But Penny, there are numerous facets which have been damaging. The person whose palms you location your spiritual life WAS wanting suicide to offer with his suffering. Is this wisdom?

Thes people are risky and it jus kills me that men and women nevertheless give it a great deal of electrical power so they can continue in it’s wrong-executing. IDK, All I can do is keep on to hope to the day when they finally wake up and see what’s been there together.

Thank you a great deal of for your tolerance. Scientology is my religion. It is usually a religion during the eyes of each court docket Within this place and lots of Some others. It is just a religion from the eyes of numerous religious gurus. If you want to be aware of a thing, you really have to be ready to glance, really search and examine a little something at its source not at its haters.

This tends to make Ron the wisest person inside the universe. That may be a narcissistic megalomaniacal assertion. The world at massive will normally reject this Idea.

Scientologist Believe U scientology beliefs beginning of the world can control your life & every thing around it acquire giving praise on the Damn universe. i just acquired another thing to state about that. Lets see U fellas halt this New World get, plagues, earthquakes, tornadoes & end Jesus from returning to this earth.

As outlined by prepared accounts from Northup, Hubbard told her he "Slash [Alexis] into very little pieces" and dropped her in a very river. Then he would simply call back again and explain to Sara that their daughter was alive.

Travolta also reportedly refused to have his sessions video taped, but mystery cameras had been hidden in any case.

In traditional Islam, a religion that didn't admit Allah was not even granted 2nd course humiliated status. Even the most tolerant and open groups of Muslims believe that submission on the will of Allah is the one strategy to salvation.

Hey I they wish to be a Portion of a religion whose founder identified as us the n-word, supported apartheid and defamed Africans, far more electricity to them.

worship as they see healthy... in non-public). I never believe that somebody might be physically harmed by

Scientology is not really composed with disrespect toward God. scientology core beliefs aliens It doesn’t scientology beliefs video worship a thing that is evil. It can be scientific, mathematical, and spiritual. The Black Neighborhood needs to test it out and find out what’s there. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, however , you have to Have a look. You might be shocked at what you receive.”

Hayes’s affiliation with the Church isn’t really a solution, but we were being shocked when we discovered. The late singer behind typical songs like “Shaft” and his rendition of “Walk On By” actually commenced finding out Scientology in 2005.

You’ll move some drinking water, but reaching your purpose is futile. True instructors Dwell and are the realities they teach. Con men provide products and solutions they will not have.

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